Is there a document containing all Fortran statements, keywords and intrinsics?

Is there a document(s) that contains a list of the Fortran statements, keywords, and intrinsic procedures/modules? Locating and extracting the statements and keywords from the Standard is a bit of a pain.

I know that M_intrinsics has most of the intrinsics: GitHub - urbanjost/M_intrinsics: man-page style descriptions of Fortran intrinsics for use as a reference for developers and tutorials

and that gfortran has a great sphinx documentation page that includes similar results: Intrinsic Procedures - Using GNU Fortran 13.0.0 (experimental 20221111) documentation

but I was wondering if there is a document similar to the Standard that contains all of the above. It would make updating/creating Fortran tools a lot easier.

Is this helpful? Fortran 2018 Keywords

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It is similar to what I have in fortls but I was hoping for a document from the Standards’ committee or compiler vendors where objects coming from intrinsics modules would be clearly labelled (the module they originate from + a description) and other objects would have at least a description and maybe a classifier for their type e.g. variable, integer, function, subroutine, etc.

The Intel and IBM documentations of the Fortran language are pretty good and comprehensive. A workaround, for now, could be to find the object of interest from the above list and search for its description on the web in GNU, Intel, and/or IBM documentation. The above list can certainly be extended with descriptions once volunteers or I have the time for it.

We also have most of the intrinsics in LFortran’s documentation:

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And also:

And by clicking on the pen icon “Edit this page” :pen: at the top right, you obtain the reStructuredText source file:

I am (almost) sure I followed that link the other day but today it returned 404. Instead, the link with capitalised Intrinsic and Procedures seems OK:

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It appears that they restored the old website and pulled down the sphinx one. Not sure why they would do that, but given that the gfortran team already put the work in writing the Sphinx documentation, I would guess that it’s only a matter of time before they release the new docs website again.

I hope so, it was looking so much prettier… :confused: