Fortran keyword categories

I have been recently trying to improve the Doxygen Fortran documenter (which could hopefully be merged with the Doxygen main branch in the future). Amidst the process, there was a need to modernize and update the list of all Fortran intrinsic keywords. But doing it cleanly requires a clean classification of Fortran keywords. The Fortran WIKI page provides a good chronological summary of intrinsic keywords. But it does not divide them based on their functionalities. For example, some keywords are attributes, while others could be intrinsic functions and instruction keywords. Are there any resources (or anyone) that can help further categorize the Fortran keywords based on their purposes and functionalities?

UPDATE: Further web search resulted in this finding. Still it does not look comprehensive.

I don’t know if you can cleanly categorize the keywords that way. Most attributes can also be statements. REAL is both an intrinsic type and an intrinsic function. An easy way to build a list is to go through the index of the standard and look for entries in upper case that are followed by “statement”, “specifier”, etc…