Internship in software companies using Fortran

People with NSF grants can apply for a supplement to send a student (not sure whether it is restricted to graduate or if it applies to undergraduates too) doing an internship in industry. It is easy to understand what this means for an experimental group that builds lasers or photoelectron detectors. For theoreticians, however, the thing is more complicated. Yet, there should be plenty private companies that do their business by developing (good) Fortran code which could be happy having a blossoming physicist hanging around doing something useful for the company, him/herself (e.g., learning modern fortran), and the research group of origin. As far as I understand, the total pot is a few dozen $k’s.

So, my general question is: do we have a list of such companies, and an idea of whether they are amenable to consider such form of partnership? Many people using fortran for research have NSF grants and would benefit from their students spending some time interacting with professional Fortran coders.

My particular question is: given that I have an NSF grant, is there any such group of Fortran coders in Florida who have a startup or other company that could be interested in this sort of things?

Thanks a lot!