Fortran tutorial videos

Hi all. I present my YouTube channel dedicated to learning programming in Fortran. The language of lectures is Russian. There are tutorial videos, practical work and homework. All material in the open and free access. I try to add new videos regularly. I will be glad if someone likes it. Here is a link to a Fortran programming playlist - Fortran - YouTube


Welcome to the Discourse Oleksandr!

60 videos about Fortran is an awesome work. Many hours of video, and much more working!
The automatic translation in English of the subtitles by YouTube seems decent.

That should be added on this page:

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Welcome @Oleksandr_Ts, great job with the videos!

Welcome to this Discourse, @Oleksandr_Ts .

Great work on your tutorials, the purple looks great! Perhaps you will consider offering the slides of your tutorials fully in English (and other languages) also!

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Хорошая работа! Liked and subscribed. :+1: The CC auto-translate to English helps. I’ve been learning some Russian as I’ve also been learning some PascalABC.Net. The help files are completely in Russian which I’ve had translate to English using Deepl :grinning:

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Thank you! I started translating the slides into English. The first is already ready, the rest after a while.