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Here is a list of Fortran videos from the Fortran Wiki. Please add links to videos there, reply here, or message me.

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Videos recommended by iRASPA (molecular simulations)

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Thanks a lot for compiling this list.

There’s also the Fortran-lang YouTube channel. So far it includes recordings of monthly video calls (18 total), and it may include community-curated demos and tutorials in the future.


Does anybody have any idea about why FortranCon channel has not been updated with 2021 vidoes?

This is a great list, well done. I hesitate to suggest this but here goes… Should we split these up among some experienced users and attempt to index their content? So Fortran-lang can be the page to find out which video you could watch if you want to learn more about, say, the TRANFER, function just to take an example that is probably not covered by any yet!

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Thanks a lot for the list. Frankly, very useful.

Here are some recent Fortran-related videos.

Realtime display with Gnuplot (52:03) by Ge Baolai
June 16, 2022

The TREXIO File format and library (37:17) by Anthony Scemama
Jun 13, 2022

TREX stands for “Targeting REal chemical accuracy at the eXascale”

Programming in America in the 1950s – Some Personal Impressions by John Backus (1976) (34:34)
Jun 10, 2022

Contributing to GCC | Open Source | Wileam Phan @wyphan interviewed by Vyom Yadav (1:19:47)
June 7, 2022

2022 EuroLLVM Dev Mtg “How to write a new compiler driver? The LLVM Flang perspective.” by Andrzej Warzynski (20:29)
June 5, 2022

Wannier90 library developments by Jerome Jackson (50:40)
May 24, 2022



@Beliavsky Thanks for spreading awareness about this interview with Vyom Yadav as part of the “Open Source Cafe” podcast by the DeCodeCafe Community! Here’s the companion blog post about it:

Update since June 16

Fortran, CFD & Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) – Milan Curcic and Jousef Murad | Podcast #80
Aug 10, 2022

Maintaining Fortran in Python in Perpetuity, by Rohit Goswami | SciPy 2022
Aug 1, 2022

2 1 NVIDIA HPC Software
Jul 28, 2022

Fortran Monthly Call: July 2022
July 25, 2022

Vector Subscripts For Fortran Array Access, by Brad Richardson
Jul 14, 2022

Flang, The Fortran frontend of LLVM: This technical talk introduces the new Fortran fronted of LLVM. By Kiran Chandramohan
Jul 13, 2022

GPU Series: Introduction to GPU and Accelerator Architectures, by Brent Leback
Jul 12, 2022

Inside the black box - Hash Tables (in Fortran)
Jun 30, 2022


I’m working on a Fortran’s playlist:
It is in portuguese, dedicated to Brazilians. I hope it helps someone. :grin:


Here are some videos uploaded since August. Tutorials by Reinhold Bader are linked here.

Modern Fortran - a contradiction in itself or a future-proof language?, by Reinhold Bader
Oct 11, 2022

Exploring Performance and Readability with miniWeather Mini-application, by Matt Norman
Oct 8, 2022

The Prime Directive A ‘minimal interference’ approach to GPU acceleration in the CASTEP code, by Phil Hasnip
Oct 8, 2022


Some videos from November and December:

ARCHER2: Introduction to Modern Fortran - Session 1

December 21, 2022
session 2: ARCHER2: Introduction to Modern Fortran - Session 2 - YouTube
session 3: ARCHER2: Introduction to Modern Fortran - Session 3 - YouTube
session 4: ARCHER2: Introduction to Modern Fortran - Session 4 - YouTube

Advent of Code in Fortran, by Jeff Irwin (several videos)
Dec 2022

Evaluation of GPU Offloading Method Using Fortran Standard Parallelization, by Tetsuya Hoshino
Dec 2022

Lecture 1, part 1: Object-oriented programming in Fortran, by Jonas Lindemann
November 25, 2022

Lecture 1, part 2: Mixed-language programming in Fortran, by Jonas Lindemann
November 25, 2022

Lecture 2, part 1: Type-safe generics as it is being embodied in Fortran, by Magne Haveraaen
Nov 26, 2022

part 2: Lecture 2, part 2: Type-safe generics as it is being embodied in Fortran - YouTube
part 3: Lecture 2, part 3: Type-safe generics as it is being embodied in Fortran - YouTube

Lecture 3, part 1: Mathematics of arrays (MoA), by Magne Haveraaen
Nov 27, 2022

part 2: Lecture 3, part 2: Mathematics of arrays (MoA) - YouTube

Using GitHub Actions for Modern Fortran Projects, by Brad Richardson
Nov 2022

Porting OVERFLOW CFD Code to GPUs To Hackathons and Beyond, by Charles Jackson
Nov 2, 2022

thornado: a GPU Optimized Application for Spectral Neutrino Transport using OpenACC and OpenMP, by J. Austin Harris
Nov 2, 2022


The PDF of the slides used in the video: