Fortran Videos on YouTube

Here is a list of Fortran videos from the Fortran Wiki. Please add links to videos there, reply here, or message me.

Fortran-Related Channels on YouTube

Videos recommended by iRASPA (molecular simulations)

Other Videos

History of Fortran



Thanks a lot for compiling this list.

There’s also the Fortran-lang YouTube channel. So far it includes recordings of monthly video calls (18 total), and it may include community-curated demos and tutorials in the future.

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Does anybody have any idea about why FortranCon channel has not been updated with 2021 vidoes?

This is a great list, well done. I hesitate to suggest this but here goes… Should we split these up among some experienced users and attempt to index their content? So Fortran-lang can be the page to find out which video you could watch if you want to learn more about, say, the TRANFER, function just to take an example that is probably not covered by any yet!

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Thanks a lot for the list. Frankly, very useful.