Fortran Package Manager (fpm) for Visual Studio

If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty excited about this one.


Also, I’d be very grateful for contributors. I am by no means a C#, let alone a Visual Studio Extension expert, so I’m sure there is lots that can be done to improve this.

Fantastic! I don’t use Visual Studio, but I’m sure this will help many new Fortran and fpm users get started.

How adaptable this is to VS Code? Would it work with some tweaks or would a VS Code extension be a completely separate project?

Also, can you post the repository here?

My understanding is that VS Code is a completely separate code base with a completely separate plugin system. If I’m not mistaken a VS Code plugin and an Atom plugin would be nearly identical though, both being written almost entirely in Javascript. And the basic idea I used for this plugin shouldn’t be too hard to adapt to other editors/IDEs. Basically, just execute fpm via some shell, making use of some settings to construct the command.

Yes, the repo is here: GitHub - everythingfunctional/fpm-for-VS: Use the Fortran Package Manager from within Visual Studio. If there is sufficient support, I think that this and any other editor/IDE plugin is worthy of being a fortran-lang project.


FWIW I found this video

That’s pretty cool. I still haven’t tried out VS Code, but this definitely makes me want to.