Setting Up Windows for Fortran Development


Is it possible to use terminal from atom and compile the code?

Sorry to jump in, admittedly I haven’t yet watched the entire video.

I opened a discussion yesterday in the fpm repository about integration with text editors like Sublime, Atom, and VS Code (and others of course). The main thing that is missing before we could use the built-in shells or build system capabilities of text editors, is for fpm to search for the package manifest file in folders above the current file directory.

I think that’s a feature we want regardless, but until then, the plugin for a given editor could do that part (I think). FYI, I had a client request a Visual Studio Extension to be able to interact with fpm projects, so that will be coming in the next month or two.

I opened up an issue for this: Add an option to run fpm in a subdirectory · Issue #481 · fortran-lang/fpm · GitHub