Fortran Monthly Call: May 2021

Dear all,
It’s again time to organise our next monthly call which will be in the week of May 17-21; please see the following doodle poll to mark your availability:

Doodle: Fortran Monthly Call: May 2021

The final time slot will be selected and announced on the evening (European time) of Sunday May 9, please complete the poll before then .

If there are specific topics or issues you would like to raise, even if you are unable to attend the call, please post them in the thread here.
As usual, we will record this call and make it available online.

All the best,


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Our next monthly call will be on Thursday, May 20 at 14:00 UTC .

7:00 - 8:00 PDT (California)
15:00 - 16:00 EST (London)
16:00 - 17:00 CEST (Central Europe)

As previously, the meeting will be recorded for those who cannot attend. Please continue to use this thread for topics you would like discussed at the meeting. A Zoom invitation will follow soon.

Note: Anyone who is interested is welcome to join!


Don’t forget to post items for the agenda of this monthly call :wink:

I had intended to present a demo of my GUI for fpm, but it turns out I have a work-related meeting at the same time. So that will be for another occasion.

I was going to propose to discuss GSoC and how to get involved with the students. But the meeting starts at 8am my time and I am driving kids to schools at that time. I will try to join around 8:40 or so, for the last 20 minutes.

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Here’s the Zoom info:

Topic: Fortran Monthly Call, May 2021
Time: May 20, 2021 02:00 PM Universal Time UTC

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I’d like to discuss two items, both administrative:

  1. Releasing consistent and timely newsletters
  2. Maintaining Discourse with increasing traffic

Thank you @milancurcic for the Zoom link.

Below is the current agenda:

1. Releasing consistent and timely newsletters  (@milancurcic)
2. Maintaining Discourse with increasing traffic (@milancurcic)
(3. GSoC: how to get invoved with the students (@certik; if present))

For the next meeting (if possible):

* Demo of a GUI for fpm (@Arjen)

Just a summary what I remember after I joined for the last 20 min:

  • @lkedward invites people for the fpm GSoC project to brainstorm and discuss more details: GSoC project meeting - fpm compiler flags

  • we’ll organize a meeting with all students + mentors (and anybody else interested) before we start (June 7), then in the middle and then in the end

  • students blog and send a link as a discourse post, or write directly as a discourse post by Friday night (their local time) every week

  • At the end of GSoC students will write a “report” summarizing their work. Mentors should too. Then we can share on social media, etc.

  • Mentors should meet the student once a week over video

Hopefully I didn’t forget anything major.


Thanks @jeremie.vandenplas and @certik. We also discussed:

  • Discourse page view limits and hosting options. Currently our free Discourse instance allows 50k page views per month. We now exceed that limit and expect to continue exceeding it going forward. We have an option to upgrade to the Standard Plan ($100/month) at 50% off ($50/month), or self-host. We discussed options of finding a sponsor to support the Discourse fees.
  • Process for timely and consistent newsletters. We’ll work toward a CI solution that will automatically open a PR with the newsletter draft on a set day of the month. Each month, a person (newsletter champion) will be in charge of making sure that the PR was correctly opened, and then fill out the rest of the newsletter with situational news and events. We’ll maintain a list of newsletter champions for each month in a wiki.

The recording of the meeting is now up:

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