Fortran-lang no longer in Bing

When you search “Fortran” in Bing, the fortran-lang package is no longer in it. I searched the first few pages, but didn’t find it at all.

If you search “fortran-lang”, the page also does not show up.

Does anyone know if this is maybe caused by something on our page, or how do we get this resolved?

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@certik I tried searching for ‘fortran’ it doesn’t show up but on searching for ‘fortran lang’ it shows on 2nd position, I think we should try reindexing Bing crawler it seems to the results are correlated to old Jekyll page by query outputs.

For reindexing Bing / site analysis (SEO) please refer: Bing Webmaster Tools

Although We had done SEO on new webpage (sphinx) and also got considerable increase in rankings on Google.

Same for me, I’ve got all the community sites except !

It sounds as a good hypothesis.

The problem seems similar with Qwant. Although appears on the second page.

No problem in Google.

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@henilp105 what steps do you suggest we do? Do some changes need to be made to the website so that Bing can reindex it? If so, which ones?

When you say “We had done SEO on new webpage”, what exactly do you mean by that?

@certik Yes, we would have to request Bing to reindex our webpage and verify the ownership of the website at Bing webmaster tools. (Just append line to the webpage CNAME via GitHub or add a file in the root index) then the Bing would reindex our site ( manually requesting Bing ) also show the stats and url inspection tools to find the cause.

I and @awvwgk in my GSoC’22 project : port to sphinx had done search engine optimization of the webpage so that it ranks better on search engines using Google Chrome lighthouse.

Please refer : Bing Webmaster Tools
for more details.

@henilp105 do you think you could please lead the effort to get this fixed in Bing? I think you know how to figure out what needs to be done, and if you don’t know, you can discuss here, then you can submit PRs to fix this, and if some admin stuff needs to be done, you can ask Sebastian or me to do it (and tell us exactly what). You would be the perfect person to lead this effort.

Thanks for the info regarding SEO. As long as it is done with the focus to improve the content, and not just improving the rankings, then it’s good. I think I read somewhere that Google doesn’t like if people do SEO for the sake of SEO, instead of improving the content, and then they move such sites lower in their rankings.

Sure @certik , I will resolve this soon. For the admin things will DM you or Sebastian sir .


Awesome, thank you @henilp105, I really appreciate it. I think we all do. :slight_smile:


I have verified with the search operator that the homepage has completely disappeared from Bing and Qwant. But all the other sites of that domain appear:,, etc.

On my side, I have contacted Qwant by filling a form (Qwant is a French search engine that does not track you). But it is known that Qwant uses partially the Bing results and the problem is therefore probably linked.

Also duckduckgo.

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About the Duck, says:

It uses various APIs of other websites to show quick results to queries and for traditional links it uses the help of its partners (mainly Bing) and its own crawler.

Yes indeed Duckduckgo is what I use and how I found out. I think they use Bing as the underlying search engine, so being removed from Bing has devastating consequences on all other major search engines except Google.

For this reason it is paramount that we fix it. Everybody, if you can please help @henilp105 who is leading the effort to fix this.


We setup with the Bing Webmaster Tools. The note that one result has been removed from the results is now gone from Bing, but has not reappeared yet.

cc @staff, please let me know your Microsoft account name and I can give you access to the Bing Webmaster Tools for our domains.

(Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft, but act as Fortran-lang admin on this)


The situation in Bing has not evolved: the Fortran-lang homepage is not back in the “Fortran” results.

What comforts me is that nice screenshot of the top of the results page:

@henilp105 and @awvwgk have been hard at trying to figure this out.

@henilp105, do you think you could please update this thread with your latest understanding of the issue? I know you made progress on it. Do you need help with figuring it out, or should we wait to see if your latest fix will fix it?

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Sure @certik ,We had committed the auto generated sitemap and also yesterday itself we committed the meta tag’s description and keywords and we also noticed some of the entries in Bing change.


Awesome, thank you @henilp105! Let’s see if things improve.


So far I don’t see any changes in Bing, but let’s give it some more time.


A little better in Qwant, as I can see on page 2 Learn — Fortran Programming Language
But it is the only page of the site…

Happily, it’s the more important for newcomers.

Edit: no, no progress, the Learn page was already there in December (see my first post). :upside_down_face:

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@certik I recently discovered that If there are webpages having simliar/ duplicate content , the search engines penalises them heavily by either ranking them lower or removing them (to prevent phishing), This could also be very likely our case as older site and new site has nearly exact/similar content. I reasonable solution could be to shift the legacy site to a new subdomain (like legacy or deprecated, but we should discuss this aspect (maybe in the next monthly) or to link the legacy site to the new webpage (but It won’t surely fix).

Please Refer: Duplicate Content: Why does it happen and how to fix issues - Moz, Duplicate content: causes and solutions • Yoast


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