Feedback on fypp support for Modern Fortran in VS Code

I am in the process of adding support for the fypp preprocessor in VS Code’s Modern Fortran, see Adds `fypp` linting support by gnikit · Pull Request #591 · fortran-lang/vscode-fortran-support · GitHub.

For gfortran it should already be complete and (fully?) functional.
What I would like to ask is for community members that heavily use fypp to cast a reviewers eye and maybe comment on some of the pending issues or review comments I have left in the PR.

In case you want to test it for yourselves you can find the instructions in, but here is also a quick summary:



  1. clone and compile
git clone
cd vscode-fortran-support && git checkout feature/fypp
npm i
npm run watch-dev
  1. Press F5 to launch the [Extension Development Host] instance of VS Code, that’s where you can test the extension.
  2. In the Extension Development Host window, do Open Folder (Ctrl+K Ctrl+O) in the ./test/fortran/fypp directory. Open the demo.fypp and do a save to get lint diagnostics

You should be able to see something like this

You can open any folder you want with in the Extension Development Host but you will have to enable in the settings.json of VS Code the fypp preprocessor if you want to test it i.e.

  "fortran.linter.fypp.enabled": true,