Maintainers wanted: fortls & Modern Fortran for VS Code

Hi All,

I am looking for maintainers/contributors for fortls and Modern Fortran for VS Code. There are a few open issues that would benefit from additional devs.

fortls - Language Server

  • Write a JSON schema for the config files for validation and autocompletion. It will be shared with all code editors extensions that integrate with fortls
  • Improve the parser (various open issues on GitHub)
  • Use pygls to replace handwritten LSP classes
  • Replace C preprocessor with a more robust one, probably using pyparsing

Modern Fortran for VS Code

  • Write documentation webpage
  • Write Walkthroughs
  • Set up the extension to be multilanguage

If you are interested in helping please feel free to contact me. There are contributing instructions in both projects on how to get started, setup your dev environment and submit a PR.

FYI currently there is no funding for working on these projects (I wish that wasn’t the case :confused: ).

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Attention @greenrongreen , I earnestly request you to take further look at this effort on “Modern Fortran for VS Code” and brainstorm it with the management of the Intel Software Team who have stewardship role with the compiler products, especially Intel Fortran, both IFORT and IFX.

Intel software team has a great product in Intel Fortran. Intel has also attempted Intel Fortran integration with the other Microsoft product, Visual Studio, which is ailing and unable to keep up with Microsoft’s frequent changes to their full-blown IDE product. Whereas users do seek more of an editor-based environment like VS Code for their needs with Fortran. And for many, many of those Fortran users, Intel Fortran is a crucial or even their primary or solitary Fortran processor, something the Intel software team management must take a note of. Hence it is worth a constant review by Intel as to how Intel Fortran can continue to be best consumed by Intel’s users, chances are rather high modern Fortran for VS Code will play a crucial role for the foreseeable future.

So here, Intel somehow figuring how to work with external efforts such as Modern Fortran for VS Code and extending some support toward it, in whatever way Intel can come up with - sponsoring internships/scholarships, initiating the equivalent of GSoC around oneAPI toolkits which also includes Fortran (and not just C++, Python, etc.) or alternate/better variants of GSoC specific to Intel, or funding to Fortran-lang via NumFOCUS, or whatever else, will truly end up benefitting Intel with tremendous visibility and further publicity and boost Intel Fortran specifically. Just some food for thought,


@gnikit @FortranFan thank you for reaching out. I will bring this up at our Fortran staff meetings but also at the Compiler Engineering level. IDE integrations is a team outside the Fortran Dev team, since IDE integrations are done for all the Intel Dev Tools, not just compilers. I will ask and see if I stir up some interest and enthusiasm.


Hi @gnikit,

Can you please create (or mark existing issues) good first issue in fortls codebase?

You can look at pinned issues and issues with the tag help wanted.

FYI there are not many entry level issues to be solved, especially in fortls.

Fortls is interesting. Is there any code base that is known to cause lots of problems? Or that is a community goal like scipy.

No, I am not aware of any problems with parsing codebases. Maybe others have different experiences.