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Hello Community.
My name is Mayank. I am currently currently a sophomore and starting out my opensource journey. Fount fortran on GSOC 2022 website and I must say it is fascinating. I would love to start my journey in opensource with fortran but I need a little guidance on how to start.
It would be awesome if someone will help me to start out.
Thank You!


Welcome Mayank to the Fortran Discourse and Fortran-lang community!

If you want to contribute to the flagship projects fpm, stdlib and Fortran website, there are “Contributing” links on this page:

If you want to contribute in the projects of the members of the community, many people have GitHub or GitLab repositories and will be happy to have a new contributor.

According to your knowledge and skills, you can contribute to small projects or big projects, even to the opensource compilers LFortran, GFortran or Flang (LLVM).

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Thank you soo much for this. On it sir !!

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Another way to contribute is to translate the Fortran websites, documentation, etc.:

You can also improve the national Wikipedia Fortran pages:

Oh ok. This is interesting.
also I wanted to ask that is Fortan going to participate in GSOC 2023??

I guess, although the deadline is approaching and I have read no post about it.
Applications for organizations are open from today to 7th February:

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