Containers (Linked List)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chetan Karwa. Currently, I am a third-year engineering student at Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat, India. I have good knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithm and I also have satisfactory experience in making different data structures from scratch in the C++ language. I have recently got a good grasp of the Fortran language. I am interested to contribute in Fortran Standard Library (stdlib) project through Google summer of code 2021. Specifically, I wish to work on Linked List (Containers).

Thank you,
Chetan Karwa

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Welcome @Chetan_Karwa! Look forward to meeting you on the video call.

I missed the meet.
I was not checking forum since yesterday.
So I did loose my chance on one-to-one interaction. Can I receive some MOM or was it an introductory meet.

No worries, we can have another meeting next week if there’s desire.

I have implemented a basic heterogeneous linked list module and it is working well.
I have added functions like append remove and get.
I’ve added my module and implementation in my GitHub repository. Link

Now shall I create a PR for the same Or shall I do something else first and then go for the PR step.
Guide me a little here.

I would be so happy to have a one to one conversation with GSoC mentors and students.

Sir, if you can arrange another meet soon please do it.