GSoC: Linked List || Blog post by Chetan Karwa || #4

Greetings Everyone,

Progress in the past week:

  • I had planned to include other APIs to compare various types of linked lists, which is still on hold.
  • I was reading and learning about parallel programming in general and how to use that in Fortran.
  • Implement concepts of parallel programming to delete the whole list (this is still not perfect because the time taken to delete the list parallelly was somehow more than simple implementation, @Arjen has suggested me some changes which might help in improving my current implementation.)
  • Started implementing a new version of Linked List (i.e. List of Array - basically similar to a List of List, instead of a linked list as a child component will use an array of fixed size i.e 10000 as child component.)

Plan for the coming week"

  • Implement the correct algorithm (parallel) for deletion of the list.
  • Bring in finalizer functions as suggested by @FortranFan in this feedback.
  • Complete my List of Array implementation.

Thank you.

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