Project Strings: improving strings support || Blog Post #Final || GSoC

Hello everyone!,

This is my concluding post for the work that I have done being a GSoC intern at Fortran-lang.
It was certainly an amazing experience in many aspects from collabroating with people from different parts of the world to learning and exploring new techs especially Fortran, whose soul, I never knew, was always there around me in many different forms.
Thank you for giving me chance to ride along with such a learnedly community.

Hidden behind the curtains of the project were my mentors (Sebastian @awvwgk and Milan @milancurcic) who always helped me overcome obstacles, learn and become better, especially Sebastian who would never let me walk alone, rather he was always one step ahead of me foreseeing the possible obstacles I might face. If I get faster, he speeds up and gets even faster. If I slow down
he waits. Always the first one to review my pull requests and then inviting others to do the same. Geographically we are miles apart but he was on an average only 2ā€¦ secs away (literally!!!, even on weekends).

Apart from my primary mentors I am thankful to many people who helped me achieve my milestones during this journey. Ohhh! the journey! Whole journey can be found HERE.

[if I missed to mention anyone, please excuse me and let me know, also NOTE THAT this will sit on the servers of Google forever, so let me know if you wish to see some changes there].

I wish to continue my open source journey and grateful to Google for such a programme.

What comes next?: probably the delete function for stringlist.

This post is regarding GSoC project on improving strings support in Fortran.

Currently in discussion:

1). Revival String list #268

Linked PR: #470
Status: Under review with 3 approvals

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Thanks for the amazing work you have done in the community. I really enjoyed working with you on this project a lot and Iā€™m more than happy to see that you will stick around with us for a little longer.


Thank you @Aman for the great work on this project, fantastic contributions to stdlib. Though I appreciate the mention, I was truly only following the progress from the background, while @awvwgk led the mentorship wonderfully.