BCS Fortran Specialist Group & speakers wanted

The BCS Fortran Specialist Group was created in 1970 to provide an open forum for Fortran users.

Its main aims are:

  • to disseminate information about Fortran and its application in various fields,
  • to provide a platform for discussion of users’ needs and requirements in future versions of Fortran,
  • to encourage the development of the language in collaboration with national and international standardization bodies,
  • to promote the use of the Fortran language.

The committee is comprised of academic and commercial programmers, past and present WG5 members, representatives from compiler companies and also experienced educators, amongst others.

Members have normally been BCS members but we have accepted non-BCS members subject to conditions imposed by BCS. If you would like to join BCS you can use the code BCSFORT20 to get a 20% discount if you join online. Anyone can attend our meetings - you don’t have to be a member of the Fortran SG or BCS.

If you just want to hear about activities of the group, we can commit to sending announcements here, if that is acceptable. This is very low traffic and normally relates to one event a year. We are always on the look out for speakers for our annual talks - this year it will be in the afternoon of 29th September in London.


Is this open worldwide or only for British nationals?

Sorry for the delay in responding - I don’t use this platform very often.

Anyone can join the BCS - there are no nationality or residence requirements. If you do join the BCS please use the discount code BCSFORT20 to get a 20% discount. This also helps the Fortran SG from a internal kudos perspective.

Given that all our meetings (aside from the AGM) are open to the public, Fortran SG membership is really just a subscription to an announcement mailing list.

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You can register for the joint IoP/BCS Conference (online or in-person) using this link (it’s free!):

During the afternoon conference I will be giving an overview of Fortran-Lang and its projects, and a demonstration of fpm/stdlib. (The presentation is based on the State of Fortran presentation given during last FortranCon).

See the full agenda here: BCS Fortran Specialist Group Annual General Meeting 2022 Agenda


Completely forgot about this. Just registered for in person and hopefully I will see you there!