BCS Fortran SG - Afternoon Meeting - 28th Sept

I thought I had posted a thread about this a couple of weeks ago but it seems to not to exist. Apologies.

This is a reminder about the BCS Fortran SG’s annual joint meeting with the Computational Physics Group of the Institute of Physics. It takes place from 14:00 to 16:30 BST approximately on the 28th September (next week). Attendance is free of charge and open to anyone that is interested, with remote access via Zoom. If you wish to attend in person, advance registration is essential or you will not be admitted, see below.

It typically has presentations about Fortran or Scientific Computing in general. This year there’ll be a talk on recording the history and development of IT through oral history as well as mentioning a few unsung ‘heroes’ of Fortran, together with the usual talks on standards development matters.

More details about the full programme are here:

BCS Fortran Specialist Group Annual General Meeting 2023 Agenda

Zoom registration here:

Meeting Registration - Zoom

Many thanks.


Sad I could not be there (chances are that I have an important internal meeting the same (whole) day…).
Hopefully, I will be still here around for next year’s meeting!
However, it would be interesting for those in the same spot to have somehow access to the recording (assumed the meeting is going to be recorded?).

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We have traditionally made the presentations available but not verbatim recordings.

If you have any suggestions for future speakers please let me or anyone on the committee know. We also welcome prospective candidates for the committee at any time, you don’t have to be a BCS member for non-mandatory roles, but we do encourage it. We particularly need people with time and enthusiasm to help organise events and speakers.

Our next big activity will be assisting FortranCon next year, assuming that is going ahead.

Any information on next FortranCon?