Appreciation for fpm tool

I recently had a need to put together a proof of concept of a distributed processing task and measure it’s performance. I used Fortran for it and ended up feeling pretty impressed about how fpm was simple and easy to use for my needs. I wanted to try Fortran for a similar project two years ago and I couldn’t get past the cmake barrier(beginner) to give Fortran a real try, at that time. Two years later, I am glad that the Fortran community has invested in a tool like fpm that allowed me to put together simple proof of concepts without having me work out the details of a complicated build tool.

Thanks to everyone involved in fpm!

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@arul ,

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Your post is superb feedback for the various contributors whose vision and effort made it viable:


I have just written a notice about fpm in the free software directory Framalibre:

Framalibre is a reference in the francophone space and is managed by the Framasoft non-profit organisation.