Running Linux on Android

The Power of Linux on Android.

Run full-fledged Linux Distros right on your Android device without rooting. Then enter

apt install gfortran

then eg

gfortran filename.f -o filename


4 Likes process and run on Ubuntu 18 on Termux app on Android Go on ZTE Blade35. - YouTube) demonstrates gfortran on a ubuntu linux on android go shirt pocket size smartphone.

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Have you made some speed workbench on your smartphone? A comparison with a PC would be interesting.

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There is also Termux project that provides Linux environment on Android devices.

Unfortunately this this project droped GCC in favor of LLVM+Clang so gfortran was dropped too. But now it’s packages base has:

~ $ pkg search fortran
flang/stable 15.0.1 aarch64
  LLVM's Fortran frontend

lfortran/stable 0.16.0-1 aarch64
  A modern open-source interactive Fortran compiler