Compilers that are not included in

There is a Huawei Fortran compiler.


Some hardware with the Kunpeng 920 processor is reviewed here.

Software Description

BiSheng Compiler is a high-performance compiler developed based on the open source LLVM and optimized for the Kunpeng platform. It uses Flang as the default front-end compiler for the Fortran language. In addition to general functions and optimization of LLVM, the toolchain’s middle and back-end key technologies are optimized and the Auto-tuner feature is integrated to support automatic tuning of the compiler.

Operating Platform: Kunpeng 920 Hardware Platform
Operating System: openEuler21.03, openEuler 20.03 (LTS), CentOS 7.6, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20, Kylin V10, UOS 20

Huawei, AMD and Arm compilers are based on Classic Flang (GitHub - flang-compiler/flang: Flang is a Fortran language front-end designed for integration with LLVM.). All are expected to switch to f18 (llvm/flang) when it becomes ready.


Ooh, another ARM-based SoC. I guess that’s a way to circumvent the trade ban on x86 processors.

@themos thanks for the link. Would you mind sending a PR against: at master · fortran-lang/ · GitHub to include it?

I am sorry, somebody else will have to do that. I cite time pressure and conflict of interest.

The discontinued compilers section is probably also missing a few. One would be the Mira Fortran compiler for the ZX Spectrum computer.

A review of the compiler was published in the article “MIRA CRACK’D”, published in CRASH, a ZX Spectrum dedicated magazine. A blog post documenting the “rediscovery” was written by Mike Croucher: Fortran Compiler for Sinclair ZX Spectrum rediscovered after 40 years.

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I have found also:

I wish I had discovered Fortran on those 80’s machines, but I was programming mainly in BASIC and Pascal. I was not aware of the existence of Fortran in those days.

It would have been a pretty miserable experience, no COMPLEX or DOUBLE PRECISION in Mira Fortran.

Added: the timings in tell the story of BLAS on 8bit micros.

Clive Sinclair, the founder of Sinclair Research that developed the ZX Spectrum and helped launch the personal computer revolution, passed away on 16 September 2021 aged 81. A video about his computers was published recently on the Computerphile Youtube channel.


His first big success was the ZX81, a mythic 80’s machine:

It was a kind of Raspberry Pi for those days…

Well, I have a conflict of interest too. But I am trying to do my best to be impartial.

@ivanpribec would you have time to submit a PR with the above compiler additions?