ABSOFT ceases operation on Sept. 30, 2022

https://www.absoft.com/ tells us that " Absoft Corporation will be ceasing operations on September 30th, 2022.
Which active FORTRAN compiler is close enough to ABSOFT FORTRAN to minimize the effort of rewriting code? Thanks

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Without inspection of the source code in question, this is guess-work. However gfortran’s optional parameter -std=<standard> may set a constraint to compile the source code (or dialects, like Fortran 95, or 2018) which may be worth to try, one-by-one. With -std=legacy one may compile FORTRAN 77 (since your question capitalizes the language), too.

There equally is a survey of Fortran compilers on Wikipedia and of course FortranWiki.

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This is sad. It would be great if the compilers could still be downloaded after the company closes. I think some people were using Watcom Fortran long after the company stopped developing it.


This is sad. We used Absoft for a number of years to maintain our legacy Fortran IV/77 codes on Linux. The migration to the Intel compiler was fairly easy if you need an alternative.

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One of the nice features of this compiler package was the interactive debugger. I used this compiler regularly on MacOS from about 2001 up until about 2015. If you look in their library codes, you will even see some patches that I submitted. It was nice to have a compiler that worked on both PowerPC and Intel cpus during that time. The compiler then began to lag behind with many language features (from f2003 and f2008) that my codes had begun to use. But for the codes that it could compile, that debugger was really nice.

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Not just the compiler, but the parallel BLAS/LAPACK, HPC library, graphics interface, IDE… Looks like it is all going. A shame. I wonder if anything like the libraries will be made available as OSS (or if that is even feasible) . I would guess the parallel BLAS/LAPACK might be all Fortran and of interest to the community as well as things like the HDF5 interfaces. Sad to see it all go. It was a very complete f95 package that supported many of the interfaces often desired by the Fortran community as standard utilities.

It looks like a lot of the HPC library is IMSL, so that cannot be made available. Not sure what is provided
directly by Absoft and what is second party.

ABSOFT say::As long as you have your license key and the electronic delivery download for your version of the compiler, there will be no issues installing it on a new system. If you need to get a copy of the electronic delivery download, just email Absoft support in the next few weeks and ask for the link to the download. In the subject put “Need link for electronic delivery package” and in the body indicate which OS (Windows, Linux, or macOS) and which version. For example, “I need the link to the Windows Pro Fortran 2022 download.”