Availability and applicability of Fortran compilers for a project

In my project of developing optimization solvers, I am trying to test my code using as many compilers as possible. Due to some F03 features used in the code, not all compilers are applicable to my project.

I have set up a GitHub repository that provides a set of tools (a Makefile and a small artificial test case) for testing whether a Fortran compiler is capable of compiling the code in my project. The following compilers have been tested (the list is updated from time to time, particularly the test results).

I wanted to test LFortran, but it seems that there are still some intrinsic functions that are under development. Sorry if I overlooked something.

Besides, I have always wanted to test

But I am not sure whether Cray and IBM compilers are available on PC (x86, linux). For the NEC compiler, I have sent them several emails to ask how to purchase their compiler, but no reply has been received.

I will be very happy to hear your suggestions if there are other compilers to test or if you know how to make Cray/IBM/NEC compilers available on a linux PC. Thank you very much.


Cray and NEC compilers are only available on Cray and NEC systems so you would need an account on one of those. The IBM compilers are available for free but only on systems with Power/OpenPower processors (no X86 etc). You can buy openPower workstations/PCs but they are relatively expensive. The only real advantage I see of openPower over Intel/AMD is they can do 128 bit floating point math in hardware.

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In the UK Jane Sleightholme and I have commercial accounts on the Cray HPC systems that we use to compile and run the examples in our books. Visit https://www.archer2.ac.uk/ for more information. Had you thought about trying to arrange something similar?

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Hi @rwmsu thank you for the information. I did not know that NEC compilers are only for NEC machines. This maybe explains why they do not reply to my queries about the purchase.

I hear that there is a way to try the IBM compiler on an x86 machine using an emulaor but have never tried it. Not sure whether similar things exist for Crya/NEC.

Thank you @cmaapic for the information. I will check it out.