Writing in French a paper about Fortran (now online!)

Welcome @PierU , have you a github account?

I’m also available to give my contribution/review as a French speaker, if needed :slight_smile:

Welcome Michele @mEm,
if you have a GitHub account, can you send me a private message in the Discourse, with the URL of that account or the email you use with it? And I will add you on the article repository.

Can I have a link to your paper please ! I have a lot of French people on the discord server, and I think your paper might be useful to them.

Thanks @Aurelius_Nero

The GitHub repository is private and the access is managed only by invitation. If you know people interested by reviewing the draft and/or contributing to its content, please send me in a private message the URL of their GitHub account, so that I can invite them in the process.

Once published, the PDF will be in open access (Creative Commons license) on the SIF website.

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Alright, the people on the discord are mostly beginners. So I don’t think they can contribute much. However, I will keep an eye out for the completed version to pass on to the people in the discord to read. :+1:

It will be published only in the November bulletin, and I will post a link here at that moment.
I could also possibly ask the editor if I can put a preprint somewhere when I send him the final version (in July I think).


We eagerly wait for the release.
Bonne Chance !!


Thank you @vmagnin. I was not aware about this journal, neither about this quite large community of French speakers in Fortran-lang Discourse.

While I am quite busy currently, I could find some time to help you in writng/reviewing in the future, if needed/desired :slight_smile:

Welcome Jeremie @jeremie.vandenplas , I have invited you on the GitHub repo.

neither about this quite large community of French speakers in Fortran-lang Discourse.

Neither do I… :smile:

While I am quite busy currently

I plan to send the final version around the 15th of July.

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Hi, I am happy to contribute too. How can I send a private message with my Github info?

Welcome @antoine
go into your profile (upright icon), then in the “Messages” tab.

I can’t find any Messages tab. Is it because I am a new user? Could you send me a pm so I can find the message inbox? Thanks!

Of the four icons, it is third, counting from the left. It looks like an envelope.

sorry but if somebody could send me a pm. see image attached: no envelope icon.

Done !

Does anyone here have some knowledge about the Ada language?

Well, our French paper about Fortran has been reviewed and should be published in November. But we first need to answer a few remarks and questions. As we stated in the conclusion that “This makes it one of the few standardized languages to integrate parallel computing paradigms”, a reviewer pointed out that Ada is part of them since Ada 83.

What kind of parallelism Ada offers (especially Ada 83), compared to Fortran?

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I guess Van Snyder (@vsnyder) may be very familiar with Ada (because I came across this post some time ago):

The following pages seem to explain parallel features in detail (although I am not sure about the history of parallelism in older versions, e.g., Ada 83).

EDIT: I’ve searched the net a bit more, and some pages indeed mention “task” features in Ada83, for example,

Multiprocessing has been a part of the Ada programming language since the language was first standardized in 1983.

(page 3) Ada 83 relied completely on task + rendezvous for synchronization

These pages give more examples compared to C++ and Java:

Lastly, the Wiki page also has History and Concurrency sections, but a little too long for me to read… :sweat_drops:


Our paper has just been published in the Bulletin 1024 of the Société Informatique de France (SIF):

  • Vincent Magnin, José Alves, Antoine Arnoud, Arjen Markus, Michele Esposito Marzino, “Fortran… et puis quoi encore ?”, Bulletin 1024, no. 22, pp. 143–161, November 2023, DOI:10.48556/SIF.1024.22.143, license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Many thanks to people not listed as authors but having help in discussions (@Pieru, @jeremie.vandenplas …), and many thanks to the whole community, this article would have not been possible without those three years of Fortran Discourse.

About the title of that paper:
“Fortran… et puis quoi encore ?” is first understood as a familiar expression meaning “Fortran… Are you nuts?”. But read litteraly, it can also be understood as “Fortran, what’s next?”. Just after the title, the chapeau of the article is stating a few facts about modern Fortran, removing any ambiguity. Finally, the last section of the paper before conclusion is entitled “Et puis quoi encore ?” (“And what’s next?”) and deals with the Fortran 2023 and 202Y standards. The plan is globally organized chronologically, with an emphasis on parallel features. And of course there is a section about Fortran-lang.

The other papers of that Bulletin 1024 are listed here:

Bonne lecture !


C’est magnifique!

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