Why is there a format here?

What is the point of this?

As far as I can see if there are errors then this creates a format structure, yet at no point is this reference 201 used anywhere?!

if(ierror /= 0) then

 201            format(7f10.5,2i2)


UPDATE: I should state that I have only seen the format command used in reference to the write command and there is no write command in this subroutine at all. I am just concerned that I am missing another nuance of the format command, before I just delete this pointless selection.

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Often one inserts some debugging code and later removes it but fails to remove all of it. I’d guess that happened here. To avoid this, it’s good to compile with options such as gfortran -Werror=unused-label. If you compile code with gfortran -Wall -Wextra and get a message such as

    1 |  201            format(7f10.5,2i2)
      |    1
Warning: Label 201 at (1) defined but not used [-Wunused-label]

then that line can be removed.

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Perfect, thank you. :slight_smile:

Just for completeness, I’ll mention that FORMAT statements may appear almost anywhere in a program unit (after USE and IMPORT, before CONTAINS.) It’s most common to have them either near the I/O statement using the format or at the end of the program unit. I agree with the others that this was likely a vestige of other code removed.


Yes, I removed these from the code and it had zero impact; as thought.

Thank you. :slight_smile: