Where Fortran is being used -- Quantum ESPRESSO

@cmaapic once posted about Companies that use Fortran. In the same spirit I’d like to mention a new video about the Fortran code Quantum ESPRESSO (opEn-Source Package for Research in Electronic Structure, Simulation, and Optimization) that lists the domains where it is used and the companies (both vendors and end users) employing it.

Materials Science 46.6%

Spectroscopy 12.4%
Electrochemistry 11.4%
Metal Alloys & Ceramics 9.9%
Plastics & Polymers 4.6%
Homogeneous Catalysis 4.4%
Other 3.9%

Device Microelectronics 29.5%

Semiconductors 17.7%
Quantum Transport 11.8%

Green Technologies 24.1%

Energy Storage & Conversion 11.7%
Heterogeneous Catalysis 6.4%
Organic Electronics 6.0%

Software houses and service providers include Quantum ESPRESSO in their proprietary packages or their services


Hardware Vendors using Quantum ESPRESSO for validation and co-design

Intel, Nvidia, AMD, ARM

Companies using Quantum ESPRESSO as a research tool

40 well-known companies listed, with a note that there are many more