Using objects across language boundaries

I’m giving a seminar next week on object-oriented programming in Fortran with focus on using Fortran objects in other languages, like C or Python. While the actual seminar is currently a closed round, we are sharing the presentations afterwards (or in advance).

You can find my take on object-oriented programming in more than one language at Using objects across language boundaries — Fortran OOP Seminar Series. The source is available here:

I’ll probably tinker on the presentation til Thursday and might continue to work on it afterwards as well. Also, I’m planning to publish a little proxy application, which I developed in the course of this work, to show how the individual parts work in practice and especially in real-life build systems or package ecosystems.

I should note that while I use Fortran, C, Python intercompatibility for this example, it is not necessarily specific for those languages, rather the focus is on designing flexible C bindings, which work with any language rather than with just a specific one. For that reason I’m not discussing any direct Fortran/Python interfacing approaches.

Feedback is very welcome, let me know what you think. Feel free to comment here or open an issue at the repo (I also tried a comment feature in Sphinx, which should map comments on the page to issues at GitHub).