Trying to test dislin to plot and compiler can't find dislin module file

Hi all,
I am trying to test my installation of Dislin. I get an error that says

Fatal Error: Cannot open module file ‘dislin.mod’ for reading at (1): No such file or directory

This is the command I used

gfortran -L/usr/local/dislin/g95 -O3 dislin_test.f90 -o dislin_test

This is the program :

PROGRAM TEST                              
  USE DISLIN                              
  CALL DISLINI ()                         
  CALL MESSAG ('This is a test', 100, 100)
  CALL DISFIN ()                          
END PROGRAM TEST                          

fyi: The Dislin mod file is present in the linked directory.

I think you need to include (-I) the directory with .mod file in addition to linking to the directory with the static/dynamic library.

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Thank you !
for anyone else , this what I had to do :

gfortran -ldislin -I /usr/local/dislin/g95 -O3 /usr/local/dislin/g95/dislin.f90 dislin_test.f90 -o dislin_test