TOML Fortran version 0.4.0 + JSON frontend

Just released a new version of TOML Fortran and its JSON frontend: TOML Fortran 0.4.0 released ā€” TOML Fortran.

There are mainly improvements to the serialization of data structures, hiding the original toml_serializer class behind convenience interfaces toml_dump for files and units and toml_dumps for strings. Also, the internal storage structure and the exposed type-bound procedures in the data structures have been adjusted to make renaming or removing of substructures easier. Finally, serialization functionality is available in the JSON frontend providing now all the same features available for TOML also for JSON.

Note, Iā€™m still looking for support with maintaining TOML Fortran: Looking for (co-)maintainers Ā· Issue #62 Ā· toml-f/toml-f Ā· GitHub. Feedback and contributions are always welcome.