TOML Fortran documentation upgrade

Apparently, I never managed to announce TOML Fortran here. Since I recently put some time into upgrading its documentation to sphinx this is a good opportunity to actually introduce:

TOML Fortran
Docs at

I consider TOML Fortran to be more or less finished, except for the missing Unicode support (see Support unicode escape characters · Issue #3 · toml-f/toml-f · GitHub, contributions are welcome), and it has served reliably in fpm as well as in several of my own projects so far. However, the documentation was always a bit thin, therefore I decided to upgrade and expand it and bring it to the same level as the one we have for fpm, still there is some way to go to cover all the important aspects of the project.

Feedback is welcome, let me know if you are using TOML Fortran in your project, especially if there are things that are not working well or rough edges were the API could be smoothed out a bit.