Suggest .txt as upload format

Among the data formats the forum accepts for upload to substantiate the questions are binary (like .png), and .f90 as (what looks to me ) the sole which may be human readable in plain ASCII. A couple of moments ago, I updated a post of mine in the thread about Fortran’s return to the top 20 (Tiobe’s metric) with the numbers about August and wasn’t able to complement this by a .csv about 74 surveys is aware of (i.e., June 2016 till and including August 2022). Thus, I intentionally mislabeled the file as .f90.

What is the reason files in the simple .txt (or .csv) format are not permitted for an upload here? Could there be an extension of the upload filter to the effect to include them as such, or/and compressed as to limit the consumption of memory? In the present case, the file in question is less than 10 kB only. In other discussion forums I visit, there is e.g. a limit of 2048kB per post (in total).

Contrasting to gnuplot, I’m not aware if Fortran allows the inclusion of raw data (in parlance of gnuplot, a data block) in the source code. In this perspective, I speculate the provision of a minimal set of data as external file, complementary to the MWE for Fortran discussed here, might be of occasional benefit.

2022-08-08_Tiobe_index_Fortran_extraline.csv (7.0 KB)

If you want to upload any other files, GitHub Gist, Pastebin or similar might be a good choice, you can just post a link to respective snippet here. I also allowed txt and csv as file extensions. We can allow more file extensions, which has the advantage of not relying on external links to remain valid. The disadvantage of having (data) files as part of posts is that they might become difficult to find.