STF Project: Developer for linear algebra support in stdlib

Project: Support for linear algebra in stdlib

To improve the usability of the Fortran standard library the development of linear algebra functionality is crucial. Those functions can be prototypes for proposing additions to the Fortran Standard as new intrinsic procedures in the future.

Accessible interfaces for common linear algebra operations

Commonly used linear algebra operations should be available as part of stdlib. Implementations can be backed by established libraries like BLAS, LAPACK or SCALAPACK. The provided procedures of stdlib should make it easy for users to perform many linear algebra tasks, but also provide a more expert API to tune the behavior if needed. In scope functionality available in numerical libraries of other languages used in scientific programming is targeted. Support for matrices should include dense and sparse storage formats.

Support for common IO formats for matrices and tensors

To allow efficient working with multidimensional arrays support for input and output formats commonly used for matrices should be provided as part of stdlib. This could include formats like NPZ, matrixmarket, etc. An easily extendible API should be provided to have plugins for other formats which might or might not fit in the scope of stdlib.


  • Accessible interfaces for common linear algebra operations
  • Support for common IO formats for matrices and tensors


The project is compensated at €60/hour over a period of 6 months up to 40 hours/week. Part time (less that 40 hours/week) is available in mutual agreement with the project administrators.


  • Knowledge in Fortran

Please contact the project administrators, Sebastian @awvwgk and Ondrej @certik, for further information and to submit applications. For applications please include previous contributions to relevant Fortran-lang projects.