Silverfrost compiler adds some F2003 and F2008 features

I have forked my list Fortran Tools on GitHub to Fortran Tools (not limited to GitHub) and added some commercial compilers. Here are some comments on one of them.

Silverfrost Fortran, which runs only on Windows and is primarily an F95 compiler, is not mentioned often here. I am pleased to see that it has added some Fortran 2003 and 2008 features, listed below. I have not used Silverfrost recently, but the addition of stream I/O means that it may compile my codes, so I may try it. Silverfrost (which used to be called Salford) markets itself not based on performance or keeping up with the latest standards but on being an easy way to create programs, including GUIs, on Windows, and on having good debugging. I wonder if it should be recommended to new Fortran programmers who prefer Windows, especially since there is a free Personal Edition.

Version 8.80 - July 16, 2021

New Features (partial list):

  • The Fortran 2003 STREAM input and output has been added.
  • The Fortran 2003 standard intrinsic MOVE_ALLOC has been added.
  • The Fortran 2008 ISO_C_BINDING C_SIZEOF intrinsic has been added.
  • The Fortran 2008 standard intrinsic STORAGE_SIZE has been added.
  • SLINK64 is now provided as a 64 bit executable with the potential to handle much larger memory allocation.
  • 64 bit uninitialised COMMON data is now automatically zeroised unless /UNDEF is used.
  • New diagnostic routine EXPORTCALLSTACK@ added.
  • More intrinsics are now available in initialisation statements.
  • Fortran 2003 INTENT is now allowed for POINTER arguments.
  • Allocate on assignment has been extended to simple logical expressions.

My first Fortran experiments in 2006 were with Silverfrost before I learned how to set up my own Linux, so it is dear to me.

Thanks! Do you want to send a PR to update the Silverfrost item in here: Fortran Compilers - Fortran Programming Language? To keep the compiler page up to date.

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Wonder if SilverFrost will rename their driver, perhaps call it just FTN instead of FTN95.

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