Reduce the boldness of Fortran keywords in Geany

Does anyone know how to reduce the boldness of Fortran keywords in Geany?

Hey. I don’t use Geany, but I managed to find this

I would however recommend using Doom Emacs (highly customizable) + vterm (a terminal within emacs) as an IDE.

Boldness is a property of the font used by the editor. You will have to try other fonts.

I think going from Geany to Doom Emacs is a substantial change of a dev environment, with a noticeably steep learning curve. Selection of editors in general is highly subjective as seen from our developer polls.

@fortran4r There might not be much you can do with regards to font boldness as @vmagnin pointed out. Here is one of the few GitHub issues that talks about font boldness in Geany Editor font is always bold · Issue #2382 · geany/geany · GitHub

I hope you are able to somehow ameliorate your issue, but if not have a look at the lists of code editors and IDEs listed in Fortran-lang to find a suitable replacement that fits your needs:

PS If you choose to change your editor refrain from using Atom, since it has reached End Of Life Status.

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If I did it, in about maybe a month with good amount of time dedicated to it. I think he/she wouldn’t have a problem. :slight_smile: