Project Strings: improving strings support || Blog Post #2 || GSoC

Hello everyone!,

This post is regarding GSoC project on improving strings support in Fortran.

The requirements of the project are such that the involvement of community will be fruitful for the overall acceptance of the libraries that are being developed under this project as the “go-to” libraries for performing string operations in Fortran.
Thus, I invite everyone to improve Fortran by leaving opinions/feedbacks on the functionalities that are currently in discussion.
If you have any functionality in your mind to propose or discuss, please feel free to tag me (@Aman-Godara).

currently in discussion:

1). find function for substring matching #421

Short Description: The function finds the substring pattern in the given string string and returns an integer (index) as the output.

2). Count (not raised yet)

Short Description: The function returns the number of times the pattern substring occurred in the given string string.

3). Replace substring in character/string_type #366

Short Description: The function replaces the input pattern substring with the replacement string in a given string string.

Please use the above given link to know more about the functionality, linked PR (Pull Request) and to join the discussion.

Previous work(s):

Blog Post #1

1). intelligent slice functionality for strings #413

Linked PR: #414
Current Status: PR is under review


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