Please help me in understanding the below statement

What does IPER40 means in the statement below:
READ(7,937) IPER40

IPER40 is a variable. A record (line typically) will be read from whatever file was opened with unit number 7 using the format specified by labeled statement 937 and the relevant value from that record will be stored in variable IPER40. We’d need to see the format specifier from statement label 937, and possibly the open statement, to give any additional details.


Assuming this code example is taken from a working program we would also need to see the definition of “IPER40”, as it could be a variable, an array or something else (perhaps a derived type).

937 identifies a format statement, whose definition must agree with the type of IPER40.
The presence of a format statement implies it is a formatted text file.

You need to look for the definition of IPER40 and 937 to clarify your question.