NVIDIA announces Grace, an ARM server CPU

Just saw the announcement on GTC21, after Apple Silicon, another ARM based platform for us to run on. I’m looking forward to explore the (Fortran) compiler support for ARM, there are quite a few already.

(LFortran works on Apple Silicon, both compiling to binaries/interactive and for developing LFortran itself using the default Clang.)

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Thanks for posting the link. I suspect they will be leaving the SVE parts off the ARM chip, since SVE would eliminate a lot of the use of the GPU. I would have expected something more like the Apple M1 where the scalar CPU and GPU parts are integrated together on the same chip. Maybe well see something equivalent from Fujitsu with their NSP2 offering.

Just out of curiosity, what are you referring to when you say “NSP2 offering”? I’m familiar with the A64FX (and think it’s the most exciting thing in hardware for years), but are they releasing a follow up chip?