New fpm registry

After removing the fpm registry from the package index, it finally found a new home in the fpm documentation. You can checkout the new fpm registry at Registry — Fortran Package Manager.

There is still a lot of work to be done at GitHub - fortran-lang/fpm-registry: Centralized registry of fpm packages to make the process of registering packages easier. Ideas and feedback are very welcome here.


This looks great, and it shows dependencies - amazing!


Looks fantastic, thank you for setting it up!

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Is it sufficient to add entries to registry.toml – in the sense that all meta information is fetched automatically afterwards?

Yes, adding the package to registry.toml is sufficient. The index will be rebuild once merged, but only become visible on the fpm-docs page after the docs are rebuild as well (I should put this on a cron job).

The overall workflow for adding new packages at the registry repository is still somewhat cryptic and not very user friendly.


So, categories are not possible?

Categories and keywords are available in the manifest, but currently not captured in the registry.

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