NAG Virtual Introductory courses

NAG is offering Virtual Introductory courses on HPC topics for a fee. The courses are

Introduction to Modern Fortran
Introduction to MPI
Introduction to OpenMP
Introduction to CUDA

The optional background reading they mention in the Fortran course syllabus is

“Modern Fortran in Practice”, A. Markus. Cambridge University Press, 2012;
“Modern Fortran”, N. Clerman and W. Spector. Cambridge University Press, 2012;
“Modern Fortran Explained: Incorporating Fortran 2018”, M. Metcalf, J.Reid and M. Cohen.
Oxford University Press, 2018;
“Fortran 2018 with Parallel Programming”, S. Ray. CRC Press, 2019;
“Introduction to Programming with Fortran”, I. Chivers and J. Sleightholme. Springer

and for the OpenMP course

“Using OpenMP” by Barbara Chapman et al. MIT Press, 2007.
“Using OpenMP: The Next Step: Affinity, Accelerators, Tasking, and Simd” by Ruud Van Der Pas et al. MIT Press, 2017.
“The OpenMP Common Core: Making OpenMP Simple Again” by Tim Mattison et al. MIT Press, 2019.
“Parallel Programming in OpenMP” by Rohit Chandra et al. Morgan Kaufmann, 2000. Out of
date, only OpenMP 2.5.