Modern Fortran for VS Code Nightly Pre-Releases

The Modern Fortran extension for Visual Studio Code has now adopted a new Pre-Release cycle. New features will be published to the Visual Studio Code Store from a nightly build every time at 00:00 UTC every Monday-Friday.

If you want to use the latest features that have not yet made it into a major release make sure to enable Switch to Pre-Release Version. Keep in mind that the Pre-Release is inherently more unstable than stable Releases. I do my best to ensure that bugs don’t make it into any committed changes in our main branch but instances still exist where that is the case. You can always switch back to the stable Release by selecting Switch to Stable Release


PS1 The displayed Changelogs are relative to the last stable Release
PS2 The LFortran linting branch is yet to be merged to main (Improves plain text diagnostics by gnikit · Pull Request #647 · lfortran/lfortran · GitHub) and then to make these changes easily accessible we would also have issue a new conda-forge release. Hence, even though the infrastructure for LFortran linting is present it is extremely cumbersome to use for the average user.