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On the discourse group there is no link back to the site. Can a link to be added to discourse?


Yes, great idea. Do you know how to do that? I couldn’t find it in the Settings or the Admin panel.

I am not sure this is possible. However, as an admin, you might be able to create a pinned top-level, no-reply post, that would be the first thing someone sees when entering this website. There, you could introduce the opensource project and put some links. Also, it would be a nice place to have a few lines about the rules of conduct.

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I don’t know much about this, but I wonder if the hyperlink behind the Fortran logo (“F” symbol) can be modified to Or, include an explicit link to “Fortran-lang Home” or some such on the header section that appears on each page?

The Julia Discourse provides links in the webpage footer:

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We can add a footer like Julia by customizing our theme CSS and HTML. This would me my preferred solution.

I don’t know if we can add links to the navbar in the same way.

I don’t think we should change the link behind the logo. The common UX is for this element to return you to the home on this site, and I use it like this daily.

If somebody would like to give this a shot, let me know. I’m not familiar enough with CSS to make it pretty. Perhaps we could adapt Julia’s footer CSS and HTML.

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Indeed, that seems to be the way. Note however that compared to the Julia layout which starts with categories, we have the threads directly with an infinite scroll.

I agree with Milan on the link behind the logo.

I found some instructions here:

It has occurred to me once again that it would be nice to have a link to handy on the Discourse. So I have made another quest and … found it. Still not that handy but probably the closest to get to.

It’s Menu (three vertical bars at top right) → About → Contact Us (bottom of the About page) :slight_smile:
Maybe it could be put at the top of that page, in “About Fortran Discourse”, say, as

Discourse companion to


Perhaps, someone could edit the pinned “Welcome to Discourse“ message and add a link to in the first or second sentence (so, that it is shown in the snipped)? The message is only visible to visitors who are not logged in (probably first time guests anyway).