Intel 2023.2 compiler won't install on Windows 10

I know it’s vendor-specific, but I can’t seem to install the Intel Fortran 2023.2 compiler on Windows 10 (w_HPCKit_p_2023.2.0.49441_offline), I only get a blank window (even no window decorations) after the prerequisites check; the oneAPI installer has frozen completely and can only be killed from the task manager. I wonder: has anyone experienced that problem and solved it?

On the command line I get an error:

Installer failed with error Failed to create package manager database location.

I uninstalled all prior versions of the Intel Fortran compiler (i19) and Visual Studio (2008, 2010, 2015, 2019), re-installed Visual Studio but the i23 installer window was still completely empty (although there seemed to be controls in it which were just not visible).

But now I could install i23 from the command line:

bootstrapper -s --action install --install-dir=d:\i23 --components all --download-cache D:\temp\download_cache --eula accept --log-dir d:\temp\extract

(where I had extracted the installer package to d:\temp\extract and created a directory d:\temp\download_cache)

Odd, I do not recall seeing problems like that before. Good thing it works now.

It is odd indeed. The first thing I would have guessed is that it’s a problem with Qt6 (which is apparently used judging from the files I see in the extracted installer) graphics rendering. Maybe some library clash, maybe some problem with the remote display driver (I do the installation on an ‘old’, like 4-6 years, virtual machine, connecting via RDP).