Intel One doesn't download

The downloading is stopping at 96%

Current OS - windows 11.

ASUS TUF laptop.

Bad luck. But do you really need all? or do you just need the Fortran compiler? In that case the download is “only” ~600 MB:

It told me better to download toolkit first or I can download fortran compilers first?

Thanks for even responding to my post, heh.

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Well, on my side I have just installed the package intel-oneapi-compiler-fortran (and automatically its dependencies) in Linux Ubuntu.

But as you are using Windows, I can not be affirmative concerning your case… But I am sure many people familiar with Windows and Intel Fortran will help you here.

It only offers toolkits, I can’t just download Fortran.

There are two toolkits. They should be downloaded in the order.

  1. First the Base kit is required to be downloaded.

  2. The intel Fortran compiler is in the second tool kit. That is HPC tool kit.

You may like my ReadMe file. Installation_guide/Intel/ at main · Shahid718/Installation_guide · GitHub

Installing just the compiler from the HPC toolkit is enough, if you don’t need anything else you can do just that. It is integrated into Visual Studio Community (or better) during installation.


That’s something I wanted to hear, thanks!

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