How to prevent the firewall popup window when running MPI in Windows?

Dear all,

I use Intel OneAPI most of time, but it seems recently every time I create a new folder and execute my MPI program, the firewall windows will popup, and I have to allow it, like below,

Of course if I run it again in the same folder there will not be popup window.

But I remember when I was using Intel parallel studio 2018 and before there is no such problem. Perhaps since 2019 or 2020 version the firewall windows will popup.

I wonder do you have similar issue, and if so how to prevent the firewall windows popup all the time?
Thanks much in advance!

I have seen this with all MPI programs (including Coarray) on Windows, for many years. Each time a new executable is created, you’ll have to go through this. I don’t think you can globally disable it unless you disable Windows Firewall completely. It isn’t new with the compiler version.

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