How to cite Fortran-lang.discourse in BibTex?

Just a quick question, if I were to cite here, Fortran-lang.discourse, what should I write in the BibTex source?
In short, how to cite here?
Thanks in advance!

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The best is likely to cite Milan et al. arxiv paper: [2109.07382] Toward Modern Fortran Tooling and a Thriving Developer Community
if it is not published in a journal yet.


And/or the community paper “The State of Fortran”, just available in early access here:


If you intend to cite a specific discussion or information posted in one of the Fortran Discourse threads, then you should cite that specific thread or post. I think that would be a misc entry.

If you’re discussing Fortran Discourse as a whole, it’s probably most appropriate to cite the website as a whole, also under a misc category, and the “State of Fortran” paper.

If you’re citing broader Fortran-lang efforts, cite the “State of Fortran” paper. You can also cite both “State of Fortran” and “Toward modern tooling” papers, but the former should take priority.

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And @rgoswami just put the PDF on arXiv:

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