Help with intel command line structure would be much appreciated

I have a rather basic question about getting a fortran program to run using the ifort instructions with intel fortran. Apologies, but I would be really grateful if anyone can help!

I am trying to run a legacy fortran program using the ifort command line in Intel Parallel Studio XE2015 Composer Edition. It is self-contained except for taking data from a data file and returning results to results files. I can successfully run a version without the input and output files but when I add in these files I get ‘severe (9): permission to access file denied, unit 10 …’. Unit 10 is the input data file. So I assume that I have not correctly structured the command line. Can anyone please give me an example of what it should look like. I have made a screen gab of what the command line window is telling me and put it in the uploaded jpg picture.

Welcome to the forum!

The problem is that you are running the program in a directory that you cannot write in. Try going to your home directory and running the program again.

You should also be aware that compiling (linking, building) a program is something else than running it. Your command line seems to indicate that you expect the compiler to know what the program is supposed to do.

Most, if not all, compilers can build a program without specific options. SO, I would start with:

c:\program files.…> cd c:\users\name
c:\users\name> ifort ploughing_v2.f
c:\usersprompt> ploughing_v2

And if your program needs an input file, put it in the same directory.