Issue with MKL and Intel Fortran Compiler

Hello everyone! I’ve installed Intel Fortran Compiler (offline installation) and after it i’ve installed Math Kernel Library also by offline installation. The problem is that now i cannot use ifort or ifx command in Intel oneAPI command prompt for Visual Studio 2022. I try to repair both of this installation but it still doesn’t work.

On top of screenshot i attach installed products. On bottom picture i attach my issue. Translation is: ifort command doesn’t exist.

I think may be problem in mkl and intel fortran versions? I cd in the oneAP/mkl folder and find there ifort and ifx .exe, but i get access for them only in their folder, not in the prompt environment. If i uninstall MKL, the ifort and ifx start to wortk in prompt.

Can anybody help me please?


You might have to add the path to the Intel oneAPI installation directory (with ifort.exe inside) manually to the PATH environment variable of Windows. How-To: Add Tool Locations to the PATH Environment Variable.


I agree that it start work if i add it to path, but i dont uderstand why i cannot use it inside intel oneAPI prompt that dinamically load all evironment variables

oneAPI comes with a script to set these variables, e.g. source /opt/intel/oneapi/