Gtk-fortran 4.3 released

gtk-fortran is a library for creating GTK graphical interfaces in modern Fortran, as well as accessing the general purpose GLib library on which GTK is based.

The latest version, gtk-fortran 4.3, provides Fortran interfaces to GTK 4.8.2 and GLib 2.74.1. It has been tested on Linux Ubuntu (with GFortran and Intel ifx compilers) and Fedora, MSYS2/Windows 10, macOS and FreeBSD.

There are 80 commits since version 4.2.1: various bug fixes, minor improvements, code cleanup… But the major improvement is rather in the 135 commits of the wiki. The documentation has indeed been entirely revised, updated and restructured following the Diátaxis method which divides it into four quadrants: tutorials, how-to, explanations, reference.

An example has been added at the end of May in the gtk-fortran-extra repository (MIT license). It shows how you can use with gtk-fortran the parallel features introduced in Fortran 2008 and Fortran 2018 (coarrays, events, teams, collective routines). It computes and displays a Buddhabrot.

Finally, let’s recall that since its previous version:

Four Julia sets on four operating systems (Fedora, macOS, FreeBSD, MSYS2/Windows):


\sqrt[gtk]{fortran} = 4.3