GSoC'22: LFortran Custom Wasm Backend || Blog 4

Please find link to my this week’s blog: Adding Print support and Deploying on Live Site


Thanks for posting here, very nice work!

Do you know the minimum versions of major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) needed for the Wasm frontend?

Long-term, do you foresee it being feasible to manipulate the DOM elements from Fortran, so that one could effectively write dynamic websites completely in Fortran? I understand this is not in the scope of the project.

I used ant-design for the front-end components (we could have used (and can still use) any other library as well).

As per ant-design’s docs, they say it is supported on last two versions of major browsers. I guess we can consider the same for our Wasm front-end.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for the UI library, but for the Webassembly part to build and run LFortran.

Those version are mentioned here

Chrome: 96
Firefox: 90
Safari: 15.2

I am not exactly sure. Probably it might be best to assume last two versions of major browsers.