GSoC’22: LFortran Custom Wasm Backend || Blog 8

Dear all,

Please find link to my this week’s blog: Supporting Subroutines and Improving/Refactoring WASM Backend


Great work! I’m looking forward to this. Is Wasi on the Wasm schedule?

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Thank you for the response @rjzak.

For the WebAssembly Backend, we are currently focusing on supporting larger syntax/features of Fortran and our priorities at the moment are

  • arrays and strings
  • modules
  • runtime library

A list of currenty supported and upcoming/future features is at GSoC 2022: Implementing custom WASM Backend for LFortran Roadmap (#700) · Issues · lfortran / lfortran · GitLab.

I think supporting Wasi would be a great addition to the project and I think we might focus on it in the last week of GSoC or in the Post-GSoC period.