GSoC'22: Fortran Playground Weekly blog #2 and meeting notes

Hello everyone,
This week will mark the end of community bonding period for this summer. Following tasks were accomplished this week:

  • Response on playground design
  • I also researched extensive documentation regarding playground security
  • Basic container config was setup
    Over the course of the 3 weeks we have conceptualised our project and now we have a steady reference to build the project with. From Monday(June 13th), the coding period starts and I will start contributing code to the official repo. I have planned to make daily commits to my fork and a PR every week to the repo.

We also conducted the weekly meet for this project, which was joined by @milancurcic and @everythingfunctional. We discussed the following things:

  • Having a basic playground that lets user run their code should be our focus for the next week
  • We discussed container setup and how the hosting might fare, it was decided we will instansiate a new container for every request for the time being as it helps speed up development.
  • We also had a walkthrough of the designs and discussed the limitations and benefits for the current options.
  • Tutorial curriculum for now is lower in the priority list and we will be covering that after our basic needs are met
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